New year; new waistline?

Pffffff — I can almost hear you tsk-ing and clucking because you’ve come across yet another blog post containing the weight loss issue, the fat/thin issue, the elasticated waistband issue.  Haha.

Well, yes, this is that.

Tomorrow is the last day of work week no.1, 2014, and, instead of the usual sandwich stack in my and DH’s lunchboxes, I’ve been making tasty(ish) salads and rationing us to a one-piece Marmite sarmie and a piece of fruit or two.

The morning chop-chop, peel, slice, scoop, schlepp sure isn’t as easy as slapping cheese & cold meats onto sandwiches, but I know DH is appreciating it.  And I know I will appreciate any loosening of EITHER of our jeans waistlines at this stage!  ImageI know he was horrified at the number on the scale at his last doctor’s room visit.  Me?  I haven’t stood on a scale for a while but I know I’m at least 6kgs over my nutritionist calculated “ideal”.  And my last BMI read 23 (which isn’t so bad) but my body fat percentage was just over 30.  Yep; I may not be way over weight by the scale but I sure am blubbery.

Self-inflicted.  Desk job, so I sit on my ever-widening behind ALL day.  Not up straight either.  I’m a leaner; I lean to one side slightly with my arm on the armrest.  That’s zero core strength right there.  I did a whole 6 spinning classes last year.  Impressive huh?

More next time on my new exercise of choice.  If only I could stick to actually exercising every day!  Wish me luck.


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