Colloidal Silver

So far, in my household, CS has been used for:-

  1. Preserving unrefrigerated milk. (Amazing – works just like in the online articles/mentions)
  2. Extending the shelf life of unrefrigerated strawberries.
  3. Treating athlete’s foot.
  4. Gastro
  5. Dog’s itchy feet/legs

For now, successful results from treatment on the milk, the strawberries (18ppm), the awesomely disappearing athlete’s foot, and the shortened lifespan of the gastro…..  Have yet to see success with the doggie’s itchy feet/legs and will most probably take her to the vet this week!

Will update more as we learn and experiment more 🙂



    • Health shops should have it (Not sure where you’re writing from but, if in SA, Dischem has it too). My husband makes ours – The ppm is just the parts-per-million measurement. If you buy at the shops there should be the strength or ppm measurement on the label.

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