Dog’s itchy feet update

My four-legged babies.
My four-legged babies.

Little hound’s itchy feet turned out to be a probable symptom of hookworm.  Yup, confused me too until the vet explained that larvae can enter the dog’s system through their feet/legs from dewy grass in the yard.  Sigh. We faced a heart-wrenching goodbye earlier this year.  Saturday, 24th January to be exact.  I couldn’t and won’t write about the experience in detail but it was our CD girl, the beautiful tri-coloured dog in the back/top of the photograph, that we had to say goodbye to. I mention that because that is why we now have to treat the little hound (front of pic) against worms and fleas regularly.  CD used to chase (and never catch) every cat who tempted fate by setting paw in our yard.  She was the ultimate cat deterrent, although she was as gentle as can be and probably didn’t have a killer instinct’s bone-tip in her body.  So… now that she is no longer with us, a couple of neighbourhood kitty cats have claimed our yard to play, sunbathe, midnight yowl (grr) & poop (more grrrrr) in.  A ginger one with a little collar and tinkling bell has taken to arriving exactly on time for morning and evening food time.  Little hound pretty much greets her/him/it with a waggily happy tail – a long lost friend type thing going on. I guess the worming & deflea-ing regimen will continue.


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