Captured smile. His first ‘official amateur’ photo shoot by me.

These two little people arrived in the world, and, more to the point, in my world, at an absolutely perfect time.  The little girl; my precious and ever-growing “Bean”, turned two in May this year, her little ‘boetie’ just passed the 5 month mark a couple of days ago.

Photographing her is my favourite pastime

I’m turning 42 later on this year, so, yes, anybody who has any experience at all with being both a woman and, more particularly, a childless woman, will know how significant my age was to me about two years ago. Amazing how we date-stamp our own mother-becoming-possibility expiration date, despite what various lab results may tell us, hey?  Anyway – back to the tale of timing… If you have read other posts in this blog I may have mentioned that my husband was the untitled youth pastor at our church for just over two years.  Most of those teens and tweens he taught and got to know & love are now either away at college, working their first (or second) jobs and/or married and moved away.  But…. just on two years ago we got a call from one of the guys.  First of all, “I’m getting married” and, then, later on…. a pregnancy kept secret pre-marriage…. “Will you be godparents?”.  Will we!!??  Yes, for sure, indeedi.  My only condition?  Serious baby-sitting hours!  Loads and loads of baby-sitting hours. So, at a time when I was almost ready to sink into an oddly unexpected second wave of grief connected to not having children of my own :- the fact that I will never have grandchildren, I will never be granny, nana or oumie…. I was snapped out of that dark entranceway by the blessing of the birth of our Bean.  The happiest, easy going little mite, who transitioned back and forth between her mom & dad’s house, her beloved ouma & oupa’s house, and our own house with absolutely no worries or attachment tears.  We’ve been treated to weekend & overnight sleepovers ever since she was 3 months old.  What a treasure.  What a gift. I have no delusions about the fact that I’d be a wreck without them.  I’m incredibly grateful that we have the privilege of being a part of their lives.


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