Sewing to sell…

My “advert”

Amazing what a buzz you get when someone buys something you’ve made!  I’ve always been terrified of anyone actually paying me money for something I’ve cut out and sewn from scratch.  Will they see my seam wasn’t quite as arrow straight as it could’ve been?  Did I miss any errors?  Scanning over each hemline or edge to spot an untrimmed piece of thread.  Terrifying!

BUT – the chilly winter weather that blew in this weekend, with accompanying grey clouds and quite a bit of rain, did WONDERS.  Last week I took the plunge by advertising (using both the pic to the left and another showing the scarves worn by me) but I had such a low response that I ended the week on quite a low.  Today, with the wintery chill still on the wind, I posted the ad again and, Ta Daaah, orders!!

I now need to get my butt back to the fabric shop to stock up on the deep pinky colour and the grey.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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