In South Africa today, a 12 year old girl can walk into a clinic and, with no questions asked & no parental/guardian knowledge or consent required, have an abortion.

I don’t imagine many 12 year old girls do actually do this but it’s legally allowed in this country.   I wonder how many do?  I wonder how many 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 35 year olds do?

Imagine how many rapists and molesters  get away with their evil acts because girls are basically instructed by the law that they don’t have to tell anyone that they have been raped. They’re allowed to simply “get rid of” the resulting pregnancy, the resulting baby; easy as ABC.

Far more often – imagine the millions of babies that are poisoned/scraped/pushed/pulled away simply because they weren’t planned, weren’t dreamed of, weren’t scheduled or desperately prayed for . A drunken horny event with a boyfriend or one-night-stand, or an oh-dear-we-don’t-have-a-condom-but-just-pull-out situation.   No worries , just pop down to the clinic when you get a chance . R350 can get it done away with.

I recently read a post by a TTC lady who, at her follow up gynae appointment (in a way-more-affordable government hospital), was in a waiting queue with a young girl/teen/20-something saying things like, “get this thing out of me  before it makes me fat!”

Yep. No kidding.

Imagine if abortions were only carried out in the most dire and tragic circumstances, like rape or incest and assault, and every other ‘accidental’ pregnancy was not terminate-able. Would humans stop behaving inhumanely?

Would they wake up to the simple law of action and consequence?

Would the, “oh well, just kill it before it makes you fat or before anyone realises what you’ve done” attitude end?


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