PJs, a puppy & a tiny bit of pavement pounding

It’s been an okay couple of weeks.

Inspired by Emily from the blog, Self Assembly Required, I began the project of making myself some girly pyjamas (the top at least) based on the Fifi pyjamas by Tilly and the Buttons…. but sans pattern.

Because I didn’t want to use my actual chosen fabric on the first attempt in case I messed up royally, this is the rather patch-worked poly-cottonish PJ top so far.  The white fabric on the belly piece is cut from the back of a gent’s work shirt I thrifted for it’s glowing whiteness a while ago, and the purple/mauve has been in my stash for a while. (the straps you can see belong to the purple bra that lives on my body form to give it boobs)


I have a big roll of black bias binding which I may or may not use for the straps & underarm/back edging, mainly just because sourcing purple or white bias binding is not going to happen any time soon.  And I definitely need to add a little ribbon bow or something to the centre front to hide the odd middle I ended up with.  🙂  Either way, hopefully I will post pics of the finished item soon!

The puppy?  Well, what week isn’t better with a puppy to cuddle with!!  This pic was taken earlier today while it was really quiet at work and the boss was out.  Passed out on my desk. :-


Isn’t she cute?  She’s a brand new addition to my boss’s family and is a 7 week old brindle & white Boston Terrier.  I have never met a Boston Terrier in person but I’m sold 🙂

The tiny bit of pavement pounding was nothing too energetic but, yes, I finally got myself out of the house yesterday evening for a good 20 minutes of brisk walking.  I was aiming for at least 30 minutes, really, but on my last circuit a rather dodgy looking man came walking over the rise ahead, so I headed home.  Must remember to get some pepper spray or one of those noise-makers, just to feel more confident out and about.




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