Knife. Run.

Last week Friday was a public holiday.

Relaxing at home – me on the couch near the front door, my husband on the opposing couch.  Quiet.  Peaceful.

The neighbour’s dog barks her signature nervous/alert bark.  I stand up and comment on going out to see what she’s barking at.  My own little 4kg dog follows.  My shadow; always.

I unlock the Xpanda security gate (I think) and step outside.  I barely finish my third step when I see a man in front of me, standing still.  He is about 2 metres away and is wearing a white hoodie with the hood up closely around his face.  He is black and has ‘aviator’ shaped sunglasses on.  With his right hand he is holding up a knife; I can see the blade – not shiny.  He has his left index finger over his lips, signalling me to to keep quiet.

*SNAP*  I have no idea what kind of sound came out of my throat but I said/shouted/screamed something at the same time as spinning around to run back into our home.  I was aware that my husband ran straight passed me out of the still-open door.  I kept shouting (screaming?), trying to alert people upstairs that we needed help, but quickly realised they must still be out.  Then I saw my keys with the attached remote still hanging from the security gate keyhole and squeezed that red button hard.  I ran outside again and the criminal was jumping/climbing over the boundary fence.  I shouted and clapped my hands so hard after him – anything to make a noise.  He fell into the bushes on the other side of the fence before running off.  That made me feel good; him falling.  I was aware of my husband urging me to go back inside.  ‘He’s got a knife.’

Things could have gone so differently.

It’s amazing how seconds can simultaneously slow down and streak by when you are adrenalined up to the max.

Thank God for my husband.  I did not know that he had launched out of the door in attack mode.  I did not know that he came face-to-face with the knife wielding man, who had chased me right up to the door.  I did not know that he fell and gashed his elbow and knee and had to kick out at the man.  We still don’t know if he landed a punch or not but his ring finger on his fighting hand (lefty) is swollen and blue-black.  Hopefully the swelling will go down before any need to actually cut off his wedding ring.

Thank God for the neighbour’s dog’s alert bark.

Thank God we and our little dog are fine.

The armed response guys arrived shortly afterwards but the man was not caught. Yet.


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