Choral adventures in 2019

(So I started writing this post in Feb of this year… Can’t believe it’s already September!) I auditioned for and am now a member of the Durban Symphonic Choir. A long-standing dream come true! Well, I’ve always wanted to be part of a choir; I just never thought it would be a classical symphonic choir.…… Continue reading Choral adventures in 2019

Heading across the pond?

After leaving my country of birth aged 29 and going through the crazy lonely hermit-like first few years of getting settled with no travel experience, no family, no friends near by…. Oh my word, the thought of relocating, even temporarily, to a whole other country (continent!) is rather breath-taking. With the lack of business (read…… Continue reading Heading across the pond?

Mothers Day – it’s okay now

Mothers Day Sundays have never been my best days.  Of course, all my feelings toward my own Mom are wonderfully warm, happy, well-wishing & filled with love. My feelings towards my own Mothers Day experiences as a childless but not by choice woman?  Well, all the opposite feelings, really. The crazy thing is that it’s…… Continue reading Mothers Day – it’s okay now

It’s May. Updates.

Wow!  Can you imagine how fast time will seem to pass in 10 years time!?  Seriously, the mind boggles.  I remember booking a holiday, once, about six months in advance and it felt like it took forever to arrive.  Now, I feel like I can happily wait for some occasion-to-come that’s well over a year…… Continue reading It’s May. Updates.

Looking inwards (and upwards)

That is how I’m beginning this year. Looking inwards and looking upwards. Sound selfish? Perhaps. The truth is, over the last few years, I’ve looked forward to a range of things/goals/places/people that just haven’t become real, haven’t materialised, or have just let me down. My forward/outward looking self is tired. Metal-fatigued, ya know? When you’ve…… Continue reading Looking inwards (and upwards)